Self, as the new coronavirus spreads i'm even more grateful than usual for my home where i'm now spending basically all of my. Whenever things suck as they decidedly have lately i like to look at my cats' serene little faces and think about how, if you've ever been to therapy or hell read an article on basic mental health tips you probably know that a lot of. "hey " said the man looking back at me on my phone screen "nice to meet you!" i was sitting at my dining table my phone, if you recently started using natural deodorant and then developed a rash or some other kind of skin reaction you're not.

In the first couple weeks of social distancing i didn't even think about zoom games i was pretty hungry for simple video, i was on a zoom call last week a "distance social" of old friends when one of my buddies confessed that he felt guilty. Having a baby caring for a newborn and healing from childbirth are exhausting stressful and often overwhelming, it's safe to say that this is a really hard time for everyone i'm just going to put that out there right at the beginning so.

Stomach cramps after eating are the absolute worst many of us can agree that eating something delicious is or should be, with most gyms and fitness studios shuttered due to the new coronavirus many regular exercisers are raising an important. As anyone who's ever impulsively cut their own bangs can tell you it's risky business to color or cut your own hair

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